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The Game 2023 Crowd Watch

It's Been Done

50,612 excluding double headers and Magic Rounds is the current Home and Away crowd record at Lang Park/Suncorp. Poor old Queensland Rail and Brisbane City Council buses must be struggling with the Brisbane Derby plus the AFL across the river at the same time


Suncorp slightly under half full with 10mins til kickoff. People streaming in deluxe though, trains are jammed packed coming in as well. 7pm kick offs are a pain in the ass.
I used to hate 7pm kick off so much. I worked in the city and lived in Paddo about 1.1km from Suncorp. Used to have to rush from the bus to home to drop my stuff off and quickly leave again.

7pm games usually fill by 30mins into the first half.

The Penguin #6.

Flicked past the fumbleball at half-time checking the channels, never seen such a subdued call from the fumbleball commentators, distinctly odd, I reckon they`re depressed about what`s been happening in Brisbane this week.