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2023 FW1 Sat - Penrith 32-6 Warriors @ BlueBet

Finals Week 1: Penrith v Warriors

  • Penrith Panthers

    Votes: 25 73.5%
  • Warriors

    Votes: 9 26.5%
  • Draw after Golden Point

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
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Penrose Warrior

First Grade
I think that's a fair summary. It's the classic case of "we weren't that bad, rather THEY were that good"

The Penrith defence was damn near watertight, they pounced on every little error we made, and showed exactly why they're defending double-premiers.

The big failing I saw in the Warriors was the kicking game/last tackle options, but again that's a consequence of that tough Panthers line.
I dunno, we were pretty bad at times in the first half especially with handling mistakes, stupid errors like being offside from kicks and running a decoy straight into the defender, and some poor defensive reads.

And the poor kicking game is because TMM and Walker, nor are kicking halves. Walker isn't a half at all, for a start, and TMM is not a long kicker of any note. Into the wind in the first half, it was diabolical. We should've really been 30-40 points down given lack of territory, errors, missed tackle count etc.