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2023 Rabbitohs Rumors, Signings and News


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From Zero Tackle,

Dally M scoring system overhauled

The Dally M medal's scoring system is undergoing a makeover, changing the number of judges and points handed out per match in a bid to add consistency to the award.

Under the current rules, each NRL match is assigned a singular judge, and scored on a 3-2-1 system, meaning the best on ground earns three points, the second best two points, and so on.

However, that very system has come under fire in recent years, with some absolute shockers being delivered. There were several times early last season, before voting went private in Round 13, were the match's best player didn't earn a point, or judges handing points to those in their former position.

Ruan Sims came under fire in 2018 after voting on a game she didn't want in its entirety live, instead having her own match to play during that time slot.

According to The Daily Telegraph, in hopes to add consistency to the voting process, every match will have two judges instead of one. Both will be kept anonymous, and score the game on the same 3-2-1 basis.

It means players will be able to collect a maximum of six points per match, opposed to three in previous seasons.

Nicho Hynes produced 38 Dally M points last year, the highest-ever tally for an award-winner, however players will now be able to reach that mark after just seven games in 2023.

All judges will be former players, both in or outside of the media, and while it will make the scoring more consistent, it could lead to controversy as well.

A match's two judges cold produce six different players between their 3-2-1s, begging the question - were they watching the same game?

All votes are published for the first 12 rounds of the season as per usual, with the first round's results set to be released on Monday morning, the first indicator of whether the overhaul will produce consistency, or just more questions.


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Everything you need to know - Dally M Medal Voting: https://www.nrl.com/news/2023/03/06/everything-you-need-to-know-dally-m-medal-voting/

'Why are they hiding that?' NRL set for Dally M overhaul... including one 'incredible' change: https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nr...y/news-story/33057ed0af2cde073f6f8a6a4622345d

'We make no apology' - NRL boss hits back at coaches as HIA war or words erupts: https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nr...n/news-story/6edb0ca352cb304545cccba4df61db39

As much as it sucks in terms of the game, I actually agree with Abdo.


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'Greatest abomination' - Gould's extraordinary HIA rant after concussion furore: https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nr...e/news-story/b0fb30ebce411ae60758d395e87933ac

From Zero Tackle, Eddie Jones is going after one of our own,

Eddie Jones finds new Union target following Suaalii's extension

After missing out on snaring Joseph Suaalii for 2024, Eddie Jones has moved onto his next target to make a cross-code switch, South Sydney Rabbitohs skipper Cameron Murray.

Suaalii activated a clause in his contract by triggering a one-year extension through to the end of 2024, ensuring the Samoan international won't line up for the Wallabies at this year's Rugby World Cup.

The 19-year-old's deal at the Roosters is broken down season by season, giving the outside back leverage to leave at the end of any season if he doesn't activate his clause, which he has until May each year to decide on.

However, with Suaalii off the table, The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Jones has turned his attention to Kangaroos' vice-captain Murray.

The Wallabies coach name-dropped the 25-year-old twice in the last month, though he won't put time and effort into players who aren't interested.

Murray is currently signed through to the end of 2025, leaving Jones with a firm 'hands off' message, but it won't stop the veteran coach planting the seed to try and lure Murray when the Origin star is off-contract, leaving the lock two years to ready himself for a World Cup.

It depends on how Jones approaches the matter, and what benefits he can offer Murray.

While he's come through the grades as a rugby league player, plying his trade for the Mascot Jets, Murray has some union experience at Newington College, and actually turned down captaining the NSW Blues' Under-18s side to play the 15-man code for his school.

Longevity is another factor. Murray has suffered repeated head knocks in the NRL, ruling him out of some big games in recent times. He failed a HIA in the opening five minutes of match twice last year.

It's bound to happen when you're making 50+ tackles per game on the rugby league field.

He'd be making about a fifth of that in union, with inside centres averaging just over 10 tackles a match in the Super Rugby.

It's unlikely that Murray would consider an early release if he was eyeing a switch, however securing an NRL premiership could sway him to jump ship, having already won a World Cup, multiple Origin series and a Dally M Lock of the Year gong.


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Sharks enforcer being circled - Transfer Whispers: https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nr...s/news-story/592d340220fac4b5568d241e135e5c0c

I'd love Wilton at our club! What a signing that would be!

Cameron Murray open to Wallabies switch in future as Jones sets sights on Souths superstar: https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nr...s/news-story/6c7f8fe56ecf6587da6251844be0e618

Great to hear Cam basically tell them to piss off for now, but are we concerned he will actually think about it in the future?

'How does he know?' Kent slams 'misguided' Gould over concussion rant: https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nr...a/news-story/922a70b6d841d9e06943cd05d3c3af57


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From Zero Tackle,

Campbell Graham opens up on playing with the Kangaroos

Rabbitohs star centre Campbell Graham has exclusively opened up about his experience of playing in the green and gold jersey for Australia.

After continually having breakout seasons for the Rabbitohs since 2017, Graham was awarded the Kangaroos jumper at the end of last season.

The inclusion into the Australian squad was not only a surprise to fans but also to Graham himself. Especially since he was overlooked by Brad Fittler to represent New South Wales in the State of Origin.

An Eastern Suburbs local, Graham began his junior career in the South Sydney junior system, before being selected for the Rabbitohs' NYC team and Australian Schoolboys squad in 2016.

Since then the 23-year-old has appeared in 111 games for South Sydney and scored 50 tries in his young career. This included playing 21 games in the 2021 season and NRL Grand Final against the Panthers.

Surprisingly, Graham's Rugby League World Cup debut could have happened years earlier in 2017. Picked into Scotland's squad for the 2017 World Cup, he withdrew before playing a game.

Graham's World Cup debut was bittersweet as his first game was against the nation that picked him a year earlier. However, he couldn't have asked for a better start to his Kangaroos career.

Selected as a winger, Graham played outside Jack Wighton. This helped him score a hat-trick with tries in the 21st, 59th and 74th minutes.

He would follow this great form against Italy in the next game where he scored another two tries.

Campbell Graham spoke exclusively to Zero Tackle about his experience in the Australian Kangaroos jersey. His chat also included what player he learnt from the most within the squad.

"It was really good. On the field, we achieved what we wanted to achieve, but off the field, it was the time of my life," Graham said.

"I built great bonds with all the boys in the squads. Obviously achieving our goal of winning made that extra sweeter."

"Jack Wighton was one that I took a fair bit from. His approach to the footy and the intensity he trains and plays with was very impressive," Graham said when asked who he learnt the most from.

In the same interview with Zero Tackle, Graham mentioned that fans should keep an eye on the young backs at the Rabbitohs. In particular, he mentioned centre Josiah Karapani and fullback Terrell Kalo Kalo.

"They're here for a reason and I'm always open to giving advice if they wanted and running them through extras I need to work on and they jump in," Graham said.

"They've been very impressive this pre-season and really tested us. I feel like they've tested us this year and they've made us better."

"You'll see glimpses of those boys coming through this year and they're definitely exciting."


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Latrell blasts NRL as Fergo exposes 'absolute joke': https://wwos.nine.com.au/nrl/news-2...mitchell/f24d4f66-dc0a-4b12-af5f-1bb0dba60766

From Zero Tackle,

Clubs push back on CBA negotiations over final detail

The long-winded negotiations for the collective bargaining agreement are believed to be reaching their final destination, but the NRL's transfer window and policy is now believed to be the final road block.

The negotiations between the NRL, Australian Rugby League Commission and Rugby League Players Association have been ongoing for over a year.

The threat of a strike seems to have been thwarted in recent weeks with the first round of the 2023 season going off without a hitch last weekend despite the agreement not yet being formally agreed upon.

That followed the reported involvement of Peter V'Landys and progression from both sides in the negotiations, with NRL CEO Andrew Abdo and the RLPA's Clint Newton spending plenty of time in the same room over the last month.

Despite that, the frustration at the length of time it has taken to reach this point is still palpable between both organisations, with the original deadline being last October.

The delays saw the season launch cancelled and various media commitments expected to promote the campaign abandoned by players, who remained united over a number of sticking points, which included the women's game.

The Sydney Morning Herald are reporting that the two parties could agree to an in principle agreement over the future of the game, which would include revenue shares and future salary cap amounts, but may not be able to do so with clubs seeking clarity around the future of the transfer window.

The current policy in the NRL is that any player off-contract at the end of the following season may sign a deal with a new club from November 1 the previous year.

It means multiple players wind up playing a full season with their current club before moving to a different club where they have already signed.

It's often a bug bear of fans, and the NRL reportedly want to move the window back to June 30, meaning players couldn't sign for the following year until most of the season prior has passed.

That is well-known to be being fought by the RLPA however, who believe it could take away from players and their future earning potential, while a number of players have also individually spoken out against the mooted move.

It's now feared that the two parties could spend weeks more, if not months, at the negotiating table as they attempt to put the finishing touches on the collective bargaining agreement.


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'There'd be enormous interest' - V'landys reveals bold plan to lure 'wasted' hopefuls to NRL: https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nr...n/news-story/e4b51e53e3365a8ef66e58770cde14e6

From Zero Tackle,

NRL eyes expansion to 20-team competition

The Dolphins are off to a flying 2-0 start in the NRL, and ARLC chairman Peter V'landys has seen enough to begin dreaming of a 20-team NRL competition.

It took the competition 15 years to expand from 16 teams to a 17th being included, however it appears the wait for an 18th NRL side may not have as much as a wait time on it.

The NRL are looking to add three NRL teams into the competition all within a decade potentially, expanding the competition into 20-teams across Australia and New Zealand, including a Pacifika team to be based up north.

Peter V'landys has already held talks over the mammoth extension of sides.

“I am all for looking at a 20-team competition because you have to set yourself goals,” he told News Corp.

There's been a host of landing spots touted for new teams in recent years, with Perth, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Adelaide, Toowoomba, North Sydney and the Central Coast all receiving their time in the sun.

News Corp have revealed the blueprint behind the likely expansion:

  • $400 million allocated funding between three new teams over 20 years; new teams to split $20 million per season three ways over two decades
  • the 18th NRL team will likely be a Pasifika side based in Cairns
  • they'll play home games in Tonga, Samoa and Papua New Guinea throughout the season
  • the Australian government would throw in a large sum to help get a Pasifika team off the ground
  • the North Sydney Bears are open to merging with the Pasifika team
If the club did get off the ground, it would mean the first-ever Pasifika side in the competition.

The competition hasn't had 20 sides since 1995, when a host of teams were included for two seasons before the infamous Super League war broke out.

Roosters supremo Nick Politis has played a key role alongside V'landys in the proposal to expand the competition, and become a 'truly national' code.

“Yes, I have suggested we go to 20 teams,” Politis told News Corp.

“If we want to compete with the AFL, we have to be truly national and be representative in every state.

“I'm not saying we expand right now.

“But over the next five, eight or 10 years, we should look to go to 20 teams.

“We had 20 teams in 1995. Unfortunately some teams got killed off because of Super League, so a few teams dropped off during the compromise. Adelaide and Perth were cut.

“It would be great to see North Sydney back in the NRL.

“I strongly believe the Bears should be resurrected, possibly by going to Western Australia as the Perth Bears, and there's areas like PNG and the Pacific Islands that the game can explore.”

It's highly unlikely an 18th side enters the competition within the next couple seasons as V'landys and NRL CEO Andrew Abdo circle 2027 as the launch board for the new side.

South Sydney chief executive Blake Solly is staunchly against the idea, warning that a rapid inclusion of three new sides isn't sustainable, and will spread the talent too thin.

“The idea of 20 NRL teams, under the current operating model, is completely unsustainable,” Solly told News Corp.

“There is not the playing, coaching or administrative talent to expand at that sort of rate.

“At the moment the NRL haven't confirmed an obvious candidate or location for an 18th team, let alone the 19th or 20th.

The Dolphins have done a very good job building an NRL club in a short time frame. They've earned the right to stabilise and grow before another new team enters.

“Any decision to add an 18th team needs to be aligned to an NRL strategy to increase participation, properly fund the existing NRL clubs for the elite player development we all undertake, and be a guaranteed commercial success.”

However, V'landys is still eager to introduce the Pasifika team to the NRL.

“We will absolutely look at a PNG or Pacific bid,” he said.

“The Pacific region is a huge potential pathway for the game. It's a very embryonic idea, so we have to do the research and the strategy.

The Dolphins have been a wonderful addition, they have grown our Queensland audience, and it's just the beginning for the game.

“Everything we do is fact-based. We would have to do the research (on a 20-team league) and look at it.

“At this stage, I haven't got that data, but the 20-team idea has been proposed and we will investigate it.”


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'He's got my back' - Mitchell's message to Sloan after starring role: https://www.nrl.com/news/2023/03/13/hes-got-my-back-mitchells-message-to-sloan-after-starring-role/

A couple articles from Zero Tackle,

Return of the bears could be closer than people expect

The return of the North Sydney Bears could be sooner than imagined with Bears chairman Daniel Dickson confident they will be one of the expansion teams.

Out of the NRL since 1999, the North Sydney fanbase has remained loud and proud through its NSW Cup side.

Established in 1908, the foundation club merged with arch-rivals Manly to create the Northern Eagles in 1999 before officially exiting the competition in 2003.

As the Dolphins entered the competition this year, Bears chairman Daniel Dickson is a heavy believer that his club should be next when it comes to picking the 18th team to enter the NRL.

"We've done all the work we needed to do, we're just sitting and wait so when they say, ‘let's go', we're going to be in the best possible position," he said speaking to SEN 1170 Mornings.

"Let's look at what the NRL needs, forget what we need at the moment, if the NRL doesn't get what they need we're nowhere."

"We know that we've got some pretty passionate fans, we're a foundation club, 115 years of history and heritage there, (there's) been over 100 legends for the club."

During its time in the NRL competition, the Bears produced many great talents. It has also had some of the best players of all time play for them. This includes Rugby League Team of the Century winger Ken Irvine.

If possible, the Bears are hoping to return to the NRL by 2025. Preparing a bid to become the next expansion side, the club formed a partnership with Cricket New South Wales to revamp their home ground, North Sydney Oval.

Queensland to launch new Grand Final bid

After multiple unsuccessful attempts, the Queensland government are reportedly ready to launch a new bid for the NRL Grand Final.

Revealed by the Courier-Mail, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszcuk is open to bringing the NRL Grand Final to Queensland for the second time in the competition's history.

In 2021, Queensland hosted the grand final after a Covid outbreak saw all teams relocated to Queensland for the season.

Palaszcuk is hoping she can convince the NRL to host it there once again after the NRL only signed a one-year contract with the New South Wales government for the 2022 Grand Final.

Speaking to the Courier-Mail, a spokesman for Queensland Sports Minister Stirling Hinchcliffe had the following to say, urging to bring the Grand Final back to Queensland.

"Queensland saved the NRL's 2021 Premiership Finals series and hosted the NRL's first Grand Final outside of Sydney at the world-class Suncorp Stadium," the minister's spokesman said.

"As the Premier has said repeatedly, Queensland stands ready, willing and able to give the Grand Final a home at Suncorp Stadium if the NRL wants to create a truly national competition."

While Queensland and New South Wales bid for the Grand Final this year, ARLC Chairman Peter V'landys believes the NRL should bring in a Super Bowl-style system. This will see the final played at different venues in different states every year.

Queensland have been able to ready a new launch bid after the New South Wales government declined a 25-year deal to host the Grand Final for $800 million.

This decision allowed Queensland to be involved in deep discussions with the NRL. V'landys confirmed that the state would be considered as the NRL look to lock in the venue by May at the latest.

"We've got a great relationship with the Queensland Government and respect them highly," V'landys said.

"Queensland is fantastic and if we can help them we will. It is a game that is predominantly played in two states – that's where our heartlands are."

"We are open to everything and we will do what's best for the game overall."

"It will be sorted fairly quickly after that, hopefully sometime in May."


Nathan Brown gone to the Rorters!
Souths should have made him an offer to come back.
We need a bit of mongrel in the team, FMD
Rorters have got Hargraves,Collins,Radley and Lodge in the mongrel pack.
Who have we got?? altar boys! Murray, Tatola and Kulamatangi?

Eric the great

The four or five rorters players you named aren’t very smart the three bunnies you named are smart and a smart footballer will always beat a dumb footballer I think


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ARLC approves changes to head injury protocols: https://www.nrl.com/news/2023/03/15/arlc-approves-changes-to-head-injury-protocols/

Wow, absolutely huge news. Massive stuff! That's history making and game-changing no doubt. While it is a bit scary that under this new protocol, players could potentially miss Finals and Grand Finals, or other big games, I think the NRL HAVE to do this. In this day and age, the health of the players comes first. They just have to do it so I'm all for it. Great change for the game.

NRL mulls concussion overhaul as James Graham warns 'they'll be judged on this in years to come': https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nr...e/news-story/4031e33b228e6b675308a8b0c8d9ca89

The NRL's new concussion protocols explained... and why players won't miss two games: https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nr...s/news-story/7039e7404c9ec2af533ac682bc450276

'Anything but soft' - Abdo hits back at criticism of NRL's landmark concussion move: https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nr...k/news-story/dcf90453e743eb8831b3829043106a56

'Biggest fear' that sparked 'drastic' NRL change: https://wwos.nine.com.au/nrl/news-2...the-mole/920b85de-a514-4b02-b0ab-e912572b374a