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2023 Rabbitohs Rumors, Signings and News


If only all u haters understood the cap, and paid attention you would be ahead of the game its unfortunate you all are clueless arseholes who delight in niusance
Just ignore them mate what we are paying Wighton is top end centre money especially the first two years of the deal that’s market value for top end centres.

They are just trying to stir us do not let them. Let them cry on spilt milk!


Just ignore them mate what we are paying Wighton is top end centre money especially the first two years of the deal that’s market value for top end centres.

They are just trying to stir us do not let them. Let them cry on spilt milk!
Your right brother,it just infuriates me that immediately we are painted as rorting the cap when in actual fact this is barely going to move us,knight alone will be a 500k saving, but kenty and others who should know better carry on as if weve bitten their arses, we didnt replace gagai who was on 700k we saved half of AR money, cookie s825 is now 500k etc etc and we re signed players with the old cap figure, we are playing discards on low money, we are now negotiating with junior keon stretch and jai to re sign before nov 1 ,and 3 of those players are home grown and should stay for less,like munster who took 400k less like moses who took 500k less, and noone freaked out


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From Zero Tackle,

Rabbitohs to begin tense negotiations with stars after Wighton signing

The South Sydney Rabbitohs have reportedly begun contract negotiations with Keaon Koloamatangi, Campbell Graham and Tevita Tatola, all of whom are off-contract at the end of next year.

The club have just confirmed the contract of Jack Wighton, with the Canberra Raiders' five-eighth heading to Redfern on a four-year deal.

It's believed to be back-ended in nature, but it was still forecast to push some of South Sydney's top talent out of the club, either at the end of this year or next.

Wighton is believed to be on $700,000 for 2024, before that moves up to approximately $950,000 in the final year of his deal, being 2027.

South Sydney will have substantial cap space freed up at the end of 2025 with the likely retirements of Cody Walker and Damien Cook, but that still leaves at least the 2025 season where things may not fit, given the trio of stars are all off-contract at the end of 2024.

The trio can all, should they choose, sign with rival clubs from November 1, but South Sydney, according to News Corp are keen to ensure it doesn't go that far, starting negotiations with all three.

All of Koloamatangi, Graham and Tatola have improved substantially since they signed their last NRL deals, and will likely be in for significant contract upgrades when they sign their next deals, making the 2025 question a difficult one to answer for the Redfern-based club salary cap wise.

The trio, who all could be in the New South Wales State of Origin selection discussion this year, have been a key part of South Sydney's push in recent seasons, and Graham in particular was rewarded when he traveled to England as part of Mal Meninga's Australian Kangaroos squad for the 2022 Rugby League World Cup.

It's unclear if any of the trio will hit the open market, although the report suggests Koloamatangi's agent has already sent messages to rival clubs informing them of the barnstorming second rower's free agency status.
What a life you have. Trolling another teams forum at 1am in the morning. You either got on the piss at home by yourself or your Xbox controller ran out of battery playing games with your 12 year old mates online.
Not everyone has a 9 to 5 job - but then again you wouldn't know - visiting Centrelink in person and or online isn't working
I was just at Maccas reading the dunny paper (Telegraph) and you should read Crawley having a spazzo attack, saying that Canberra should stop whining and go out and do to Souths what they did to them - by stealing Campbell and Kaeon 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

That's some SERIOUS derangement syndrome right there.

They are SO JEALOUS 😂😂😂😂😉

And they point the finger at us for carrying grudges?

They kicked us out of the league FFS.

That will NEVER be forgotten!

F... .Murdoch
F.... Fox
F...The Telegraph
F..... Ritchie
F......them all!
Up Market Dining for Souths fans - McDonalds - If they sold hotdogs it would be seven heaven for Souths fans

Hey marshal You watching the footy lesson being handed out tonight or has your mum made you go to bed because it’s after eight
Certainly a Football Lesson - It was close at half time but we are running away with it in the second half - Great Kick Bomber Peard - Langlands looks shot though and can hardly run

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