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2024 QRL Junior Reps


Wide Bay Bulls Awards
Harvey Norman U17

Best Back - Aleara Todd
Best Forward - Sienna Slattery
Coaches Choice - Deena Budby

Cyril Connell Cup
Best Back - Harrison Braithwaite
Best Forward - Ryan Jenkins
Coaches Choice - Jesse-Joel Hunt

Harvey Norman U19
Best Back - Karly Tanner
Best Forward - Julie Munro
Coaches Choice - Anneliese Dilger

Mal Meninga Cup
Best Back - Toby Kelly
Best Forward - Daniel Cavanagh
Coaches Choice - Mitchell Sly

Junior Bull Player of the Year
Female - Sienna Slattery
Male - Tyson Knight

Senior Bull Player of the Year
Female - Abbie Renouf-Dowdle
Male - Kyle O’Dwyer

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