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2nd trial vs tigers


A really good first half. Strong physical defence across the park, including defending 20 or so tackles on our line. Left hand side is going well with Flanno. Suli running hard and strong and could have had 2 tries. Sua is a gun. Eisenhuth is proving a good pick up, and the ball he got away in the tackle was a pearler. Liddel doing well in directing in the middle. Bird and Lomax have not done too much in attack.

Gourley's Socks

Much better balance between left and right side attack. And who'd have thought getting early ball to a left side of Sua, Suli and Rav was a good idea.

Liddle has been great. Eisenhuth professional as always. Lomax has been a bit unlucky to have been run off the ball on a couple of kick contests - either could easily have been penalties.

The middle seems to lack a bit of impact though and Bird, although ok, looks a yard or two too slow off the mark.

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