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Are The Dragons Relocating?


If the A league were clever they would although Cronulla looks the most likely.

I wonder why that is though. The Liverpool Macarthur area is larger and would have a larger population, which is growing a lot. It's true that a lot of people in the area are already Wanderers supporters, but a lot of people in the Cronulla Sutherland Shire are already Sydney FC supporters. There are 12 NRL games in the Cronulla Sutherland Shire per year, and Campbelltown only has 4 NRL games per year, and will have none soon if Wests Tigers have all their home games at ANZ Stadium.


I woudnt relocate the Dragons anywhere. However I would move there base of operations to Wollongong and play the majority of there games there. 2 in Kograh and maybe 1 or 2 may sound harsh but Wollongong is a huge growth area and presents a point of difference from the other Sydney clubs.

Add on to that reciprocal memberships as an away team at SFS (Roosters & Tigers) & say Stadium Australia (Bulldogs & Rabbitohs, maybe Eels) you then have 5-7 match Sydney membership pass you can sell.