BBL 2016/17 (Dec 16 - Jan 28)

Discussion in 'Domestic Game Day' started by TheParraboy, Nov 30, 2016.

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    The Sixers won all of their games with quite a bit of arse. Never really had a middle order and too many bits-and-pieces players.

    It was remarkable they were able to keep it together as long as they did.
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    Credit to Justin Langer

    He gets bagged on here a bit, but he has been brilliant for the Scorchers over the last few years
    No real big marquee players over the years (no where near other sides), developed a lot of youngsters

    They had a ton of players out either injured or on national duty, plus lost Hogg who was a massive loss for them. They were definitely were not top 4 material at the start

    While I like JL and what he brings to the west, not sure how he will go if he is full time coach for Australia (will have the gig part time for the 3 T20 v SL coming up).

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