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BBL 2021-22 (Mens and Womens)


Post Whore
Imagine of the Sixers were even somewhat for and CA let the biggest name in world cricket play...

The comp is suffocating up its own arse tbh.

But the Sixers did ridiculously well to even get there, this was always going to be a fizzer with three busted players, two over the age of 80 and a pack of grade cricketers around them


First Grade
Congrats to the Scorchers. Been the best side pretty much the entire series. It would have been nice to see a better final but the Sixers have done very well to limp into the final.
The best part has been the shitposting :)
Agree, they have been the best team all season by a fair way....deserving of the title (despite the Sixers falling apart towards the end).


Thunder swept the Scorchers so....were the Scorchers even that dominant?

As I've said plenty of times, the BBL needs to be refined. CA are an absolute sham with how they've killed the interest of it. Too long, too many stupid umpiring errors just glossed over, too many merkins being falsely praised for moments (Maxwell slogging third grade getting #1 moment is a joke). Rename it. Constrict the season to a 5-week window. Place this window with enough space so Australian test players can come back and play without the Smith farce. Might help retain the international visitors too rather than them bailing with a quarter of the season to go. Do away with the stupid bash boost point - it rewards mediocrity and helped the Strikers into the finals and they didn't deserve it (have it only earned if you win the game).

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