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Best Clive Churchill Performances


Fittler in 2002 was just as good as Keary in 2018. Perhaps even better.

He set up 4 of our 5 trys and kicked the match turning 40/20. He also indirectly inspired the troops afterwards by copping Villasanti's vicious headbutt which led to Morley firing up and destroying the Warriors.

Aside from Priddis in 2003 I haven't seen a more influential GF performance.

Mystifying how he didn't win the CCM. Fifita would be up there too. What an incredible GF winning try; steamrolling the entirety of the Storm's desperate middle 3rd to score.
He's a grub and a massive deadshit, but if Fifita's try wasn't the greatest ever forward try in a GF, then it's very f**king close. Obviously Steve Jackson also says G'day.


Anything could have happened if the 6 again call stuck. Maybe Canberra score a try, maybe they get a drop goal, maybe they get stopped like they did the previous 50 minutes, maybe they drop the ball on tackle 1, maybe they throw an intercept... we don't know.

What we do know is they had every opportunity to win in the 2nd half and couldn't get the job done. The 6 again would have actually been the wrong decision and not 1 person would have felt sorry for us had they scored off the back of it.
Did I not acknowledge that you guys could ride a controversial loss in a GF due to a body of work?

The while the Raiders hadn't done enough for you to justify the possibility of them winning, they were many times more likely to win that game than the Cowboys were when Morgan got his hands on the ball in the 15 GF.

You're right about no one feeling sorry for you guys had Canberra won off a score from an incorrect 6 again call. In fact, league fans would've laughed heartily at the demise and might've even booked some large function room or hall so we could gather and cheer in merriment.

But that would only be the short term. With the passing of time, if Canberra had won under controversial circumstances, their possession in the 2nd half would've been used as a reason to merit their win. BUt objective fans would've recognised a BS call helped Canberra win that hypothetical scenario and that the Roosters would've been stiff.

As it is, I think fans nowadays recognise that Canberra got the wrong end of the stick that night, but it doesn't take as much away from the merit of the Roosters winning it, based on their body of work than it otherwise could have.

Tommy Smith

8 minutes to go. I would have taken the point were I them. Anything could have happened after that but there is little doubt, having kept the Roosters at bay for over an hour, they were rattled by the reversal of the call and weren't prepared to defend.
They were rattled and weren't prepared to defend in a GF? Sounds like a team very undeserving of winning a Premiership.

Anyway someone pass me the small violin. Canberra copped one "bad call" which was actually a good call. Who gives a f**k. We copped some too.

It happens in every GF but in the end the best team still wins.


First Grade
Canberra copped one "bad call" which was actually a good call.
It wasn't a good call because the on field ref rightly or wrongly called six again and was told by the bunker to change his call completely disregarding the rules of the game. The bunker had no business doing this. And yes the Raiders should have defended it but the Roosters should not have had the ball. And I'm 100% neutral and didn't care who won.


History will record that he not only won the CMM as a premiership winner that year, but did INDEED win the Nobel Peace Prize and was declared Time's Man of the Year
And incredible run for the greatest and arguably the smartest sports star the world has ever seen
He truly is special Jack

King hit

If big dumb infant Leilua takes advantage of a clear 2 on 1, Raiders win. Braindead flog.
I will always believe for life that the Raiders win that game if they weren’t idiots. BJ just had to pass to Rapana and they would’ve taken the lead. Or if they scored of an extra man advantage with all that possession for 10 minutes. It was their own fault they didn’t win.


It's been 20 years plus the fact i was pissed when watching the 2001 gf but i thought ben kennedy was motm

Joey was very good but by his standards it was about a 7.5/10 performance. The forwards, in particular Kennedy and Simpson were outstanding that night.


First Grade
No love for what should have been Ben Hunt - 2015?

If Bennett hadn't decided to defend a four point lead Hunt would be remembered as having a great game.

Truly baffling coaching from an actual legend of the game

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