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Brock Lesnar


First Grade
Just wondering what you hardcore wrestling fans think of Brock Lesnar. For me personally I really don't understand the hype I know he is a draw being a big dude and a legit fighter from UFC.
But as far as I am concerned his matches are very boring and predictable only having the suplex and F5 in his arsenal, can't sell well and can't cut a promo.
But yet people seem to love him I really don't get it very interested to hear everyone's thoughts. But as far as I am concerned one of the most uninspiring guys to watch.
Brock can go (he was a pro wrestler before a mixed martial artist), its his gimmick to do these squashes, which was neat in the beginning but has probably run its course.


Post Whore
Lesnar is the size of a building, but can move with great speed and agility.

He is also an accomplished amateur wrestler.

He's veins booked weirdly, but he's a great wrestler.

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