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Corey Norman


Mentioned on MMM Brisbane this morning Broncos still strongly considering signing Corey Norman , evening allowing for the BBQ indiscretion ...
Please let it be true ...........
I don't care what Broncos do but honestly they only just got rid of Milford and now they want to do this themselves.
Norman needs a contract and is prepared to take way under what we were dumb enough to pay him. He is capable but diamonds and dust, and just needs good direction and motivation, neither Mary nor Hook and their coaching teams have been able to do it regularly though.


We're not going to give Milford the flick at a mill a year and replace with him another overpaid hack like Corey Norman

It'd be on a heavily reduced salary you'd imagine


First Grade
I want him to go , but surely, surely Ben Ikin couldn’t be that silly.

Agree hewi , the broncs new head man surely would not even think about weighing his team down with an under performing player such as Corey Norman .

One fair game out of every ten , capable of kicking match winning field goals if the mood takes him , otherwise just a huge anchor in attack .

Still if they want him , then I hope the Dragons let him go immediately so as to concentrate on giving our young guns more game time .