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Dally M Coach of the year suspicious bets

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Big Pete

Walters maybe but I don’t think anyone much was rating Webster’s roster at the start of the year. We’d lost Walsh and a bunch of others and we didn’t make any real marquee signings to replace them - Webster has achieved what he has by getting a whole bunch of guys to play career best football this year, not by importing a bunch of in form stars.
The fans may not have rated it, but the only way was up for the Warriors. Not only were they finally going to have a proper home and away season, but one of their best players was going to come into the season fully fit after recovering from a knee reco. Add in signings like CNK, Barnett, D. Walker and Niukore it was a more reliable roster than the one that relied on potential in players like Walsh, Harris-Tavita and Katoa.

Webster has done a remarkable job and I certainly didn't expect him to make the improvements he's made. However I did expect to see improvement, whereas I really struggled to see Melbourne improving on their situation, yet here we are.


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Didn't help Trent Robinson when he took the Roosters to back to back Premierships in 2018-19, which was the first back to back Premiers in more than 25 years. In 2018 Anthony Seibold got it, whilst in 2019 it went to Craig Bellamy.

Payten won it last year due to the turn around in the Cowboys from 2021 to 2022, so based on that, you watch Webster win it.
Robbo imported Teddy and Cronk into an already pretty stacked team to do it. Once Cronk went so did the premiership chances. Cleary has done it shedding players and replacing them with nobodies.

I'd still go Webster though, then Kevvie.

This Year?

Shouldn't the coach of the year go to the coach that achieved the most with the cattle they've got ?

The Warriors rosters is woefull, they are a bottom 4 team that Webster somehow made a top 4 team, an incredible achievement imo
What Webster has done with the Warriors is incredible. He's changed arguably a bottom 4 side into a top 4 side. I wouldn't begrudge him if he won it.
Robbo imported Teddy and Cronk into an already pretty stacked team to do it. Once Cronk went so did the premiership chances. Cleary has done it shedding players and replacing them with nobodies.

I'd still go Webster though, then Kevvie.

Oh yes, he imported them in 2018 and then again in 2019. Fair dunkum. You just don't get what I'm saying do you?

Have a look at the history of the award, and see who won it when they had a 3 peat or even just a repeat.

In 1981-83, when Parramatta won 3 straight Premierships under Jack Gibson's coaching, Bob Fulton won it for 1981 and 1983. Gibson only won it in 1982.

When Canterbury won it in 1984 and 1985, Tim Sheens got the gong in 1984 and Roy Masters in 1985.

1989 and 1990? 1989 it went to George Piggins, whilst Sheens won it in 1990 with Canberra repeating that year as Premiers.

1992 and 1993 when the Broncos went back to back? Did Wayne Bennett win it? Nope. 1992 it went to Grahm Murray (who was at the Steelers) whilst 1993 it went to Chris Anderson (who was aty the Bulldogs).

Heck even in 1994, did Sheens win it after the rebuild of the Raiders post salary cap scandal? Nope went to Peter Louis at Norths.

Ricky Stuart took the Roosters to 3 straight grand finals from 2002 to 2004. Who won those years? 2002 was Daniel Anderson, 2003 (no award due to the strike) and 2004 was Steve Folkes.

The one who has gone closest was Craig Bellamy. He won it back to back in 2006 (when the Strom lost to Brisbane) and in 2007 (when the Storm beat Manly).

So if you look at that, its a very clear pattern. You can think Cleary is the "ants pants" but my point is that based on historical trends, they will go with the "big turn around" from the year before when giving out this award as opposed to the team that makes consecutive grand finals and/or wins consecutivce grand finals.


Article is kind of stating the obvious. Webster was in no position to make wholesale roster changes if he wanted to- he was a rookie coach coming into a struggling club that had always struggled to sign non-kiwi players due to its location at the best of times, coming into the picture with half a season to prepare. He had to do it with the cattle he had because he wasn’t going to be able to sign anyone good without paying massive overs in the position he was in.
What bodes really well for them is they’ve retained pretty much the entire squad for next season and when they start needing to replace big name guys from 2025 onward (Johnson and Harris the obvious ones) they’ll have cap space and provided they go well next year, will be a far more attractive prospect for new signings.
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Webster is a gun. Came up with the trick play to win the 2021 prelim vs the Storm and his quoting of Junior Paulo's stats pre GF in the 2022 Panthers doco made Paulo a waste of space.

Obviously has motivation skills to go along with the footy nous.
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