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Darling harbour early 90s

Suburgia in Redfern has massive hotdogs which are expensive (in comparison to the ones you're discussing) but worth the price for me.

Speaking of Marrickville, I'm a huge fan of Slims. I don't like large over stuffed with too many condiments/sauces burgers so their small, reasonably priced, not overstuffed burgers are perfect for me.
Hot dogs are very popular in Redfern and with Souths supporters - Especially the BYO one's



Not many places can do decent fish and chips in Sydney, when i really want a good fish and chips hit i head up to a place called Life Boat in Brooklyn, its not cheap but the fish whether grilled or battered is spot on, they usually have about 5 or 6 different fish on display in the window and most (apart from Barramundi ) come in straight off the trawlers from just outside the mouth of the Hawkesbury River or from the Hawkesbury itself. They hand cut their chips which is also a big plus.

Parking in Brooklyn nowadays. Nuts.


Post Whore
I don't there will ever not be construction now though. They'll probably start on Cockle Bay once they finish the new Harbourside. 🤣

Yes, Cockle Bay will be next.
They may even be being built concurrently.

Cockle Bay proposal....





horrie hastings

First Grade
Parking in Brooklyn nowadays. Nuts.

I catch the train up to Lifeboat, that way i can have a wine with lunch, it takes about 1 hr from Central. I do drive up to Brooklyn sometimes when we stay at friends at Wobby Beach , there are a couple of quiet parking spots i know of to park from when my brother lived there for a while a few years ago although our friends from Wobby say the parking situation and restrictions are going to change around the area again in the new year, probably not for the better.
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Was good to watch this just after another story on ch 10 news tonight about the original Glebe Island Bridge being re opened again for at least pedestrian and bike traffic, mind you this story pops up every few years with nothing being done but i do hope it is re opened again.
It's a good idea. Expensive to operate and maintain though.


Gosh I remember Sega World, Imax, the Monorail, and a good few nightclubs that were there before this whole soul-less Darling Park came in and ruined everything.

Good old days.



Looks much nicer than the current mishmash of buildings there. its been a dead spot for a while.
TBH, I don't think this is true at all and I've been walking through every day for about the past 5 years now. Pre Covid all the restaurants on the lower section were busy and the only real casualty of Covid was the Tokio Hotel.

It did seem to take longer to recover from Covid than say Barangaroo/Kings Wharf and the middle restaurant seems much quieter than normal, but I don't think it's accurate to call it a dead spot.

The proposal looks good though, although I do wonder if their wont be complaints about the height of the tall part.

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