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Dylan Brown - charged sexual touching


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We lost 4 games with Matterson’s selfishness. So far we have only lost 1 due to Brown’s.
Well, he didn’t play in the first three and we certainly lost them.

Golden point to Storm and the $6m man was only kicking at +/- 50%.

We certainly would have been a better team with him in it, however each of those games had moments were we blew opportunities to nail it OR we were shafted by shit decisions against us. Throw in the Roosters game in Rnd 5 as well. Yes, the poor start definitely defined our season.

Would it have been different if Matto started in Rnds 1 2 3 ? Maybe you’re right if his presence meant that we could stop tries. Cos in each game we ended up 2 tries, 5 tries and 6 tries a piece at full time.



No we’re the best ffs!!!
I understand you are joking but I'm speaking realistically. It's possible for the Eels to win the GF . I see a few teams ahead of you but it's still possible.

As a Roosters supporter I'm very disappointed. We had the team to be a threat and something has gone terribly wrong. I've seen this movie before and often it's some of the players getting tired of the coach. He's starting to change, blaming referrees which he wasn't doing at the start of his career. You never blame referees no matter how much of a pain they are.


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would have fined him 20% of salary and given him the rest of the season off to complete alcohol and respect courses, and do community service


Imagine the future earnings potential that this peanut will now miss out on. Sponsorship, endorsements etc.

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