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Eels in the media

Poupou Escobar

Post Whore
We were sub $1.20 favourites against both of those sides.
That says more about punters than it says about us. I made money backing both of them at $4. Ridiculous odds. A major part of the problem is your expectations. I blame the media.

The Raiders at full strength are on par with us, and even with some merkins out should be capable of upsetting us. The Dragons and Titans are both just below us for quality, and again, should both be capable of an upset against a team like ours. Penrith, Souths and Melbourne all have better teams but we should be capable of upsetting them, and we did against Melbourne, and came close against Penrith. Few games are foregone conclusions. Nobody tipped us to belt Canberra or Easts earlier in the year but suddenly we should be expected to beat them again just because it happened last time?
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Post Whore
Muuuuuuussssstttttttt Deeeeeeee-feeeeeeeeennnnnndddddddddd the clubbbbbbbbb atttttttttt allllllll cosssssssssssttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!


We were sub $1.20 favourites against both of those sides. That Raiders side was in shocking form and had a tonne of injuries. The only origin player they had was Papali’i and he was injured during the game so his impact was minimal. That Dragons team was widely tipped to struggle this season and after winning their first 5 games they have won 3 of their next 14 (including a loss to the lowly Bulldogs). I struggle to comprehend how you can say those teams have comparable rosters to ours. It’s also incredibly disingenuous of you to say that team A is better than team B by just comparing the number of origin players and pretending that the rest of the roster isn’t a factor. Using that line of thinking the Titans are just as good as the Storm because they had the same number of origin players. Wait what?

Next he’ll tell, “but the storm had more NZ players”

Gary Gutful

$1M for Manu is head case money. Would have to play him at fullback to get value. Then what do you do with Walsh?

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