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Eels Next Coach

Who will be Eels Next Coach

  • Hannay

    Votes: 30 29.4%
  • Hollbrook

    Votes: 12 11.8%
  • Ryles

    Votes: 33 32.4%
  • Morris

    Votes: 5 4.9%
  • Cheika

    Votes: 22 21.6%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
Slater may have something to say about that

He may want it, but outside of Origin he has not done much coaching.

Even though we may have laughed about about him, Kevin Walters coached in the Qld Cup for 3 seasons as a head coach, served 7 years as an assistant coach at the Broncos, before 2 years as head coach of the Catalans Dragons in the UKSL, before returning to Australia for another 2 years an assistant (1 year at thye Storm and one at the Knights). He then got the Qld Origin gig.

By comparison, outside of Qld Origin Coach, Slater has done zero coaching at a professional or semi-professional level. As such I think the Storm Board wouldn't go after him until Slater got more experience under his belt. That's why I think Ryles is the "heir apparent" to Bellamy.


Basically the reason for admitting the Bennett approach was Mcdeuff and Sarantinos being transparent to members and fans about the whole process. Yes we didn't get him as his heart always seemed set on South Sydney. But we pursued an opportunity.

Decision was made on May 1 to sack BA at end of the year - Mcduff and Sarantinos flew to Brisbane on May 2 and went to Bennett's farm.

The reason they didn't tell Brad until yesterday that we were talking to Bennett was simply because Brad didnt need any extra pressure put on him and personally felt it wouldn't benefited the team anyway. And that supporting Brad publicly was the right way.

Once the decision was made to cut the cord officially it had to be done yesterday it was just unfortunate its his birthday today.

When asked why they left it too to may 2nd when they missed the finals last year the reasoning was we made the GF in 2022 and finals the previous 4 years. They felt Brad deserved the opportunity to rectify what happened last year but unfortunately results have got worse.

When asked about Blaize that mcduff kept saying is a Parra kid and they expect him to stay.

Wont rush to find a new coach will new open up a proper process to find the right coach for Parramatta not necessarily the best coach.

We have a good roster, plenty of resources available for the new coach to come in and be successful.
I thought it wasn’t too bad a press conference. The reasoning seems sound, albeit Sarrantinos needs some media training.


Danny Weedler: "You made the decision to sack Brad on 1 May but continued to say that he had your full support !"

You lied !

Sad Baby GIF
Would you expect that turnip to say anything else mate? He’s another idiot masquerading as a journalist.

Poupou Escobar

Post Whore
Would you want the gig seriously its like replacing Don Bradman whoever the next coach of Melbourne is.

Your on a hiding to nothing as basically anything but a top 4 spot is a failure. The expectations that Bellamy has set is nearly impossible to replicate.
Melbourne were a strong club before Bellamy took over. In the preceding five years they won 72 from 133 (54%) with a premiership. he has obviously done better than that, but the club seems well set up for success. Their junior recruitment is phenomenal.