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Eels Next Coach

Who will be Eels Next Coach

  • Hannay

    Votes: 30 29.4%
  • Hollbrook

    Votes: 12 11.8%
  • Ryles

    Votes: 33 32.4%
  • Morris

    Votes: 5 4.9%
  • Cheika

    Votes: 22 21.6%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


First Grade
Very impressed with Hannay's statements today. Measured, considered, professional.

The idea of Cheika is growing on me, but he must be paired with a successful assistant coach as his right hand man. Not Barrett, someone such as Hannay or Ryles (i know neither of them would move for an assistant role), maybe Luke Burt, Jim Dymock - someone with a bit of Eels flavour and heritage wouldnt go astray.

I feel the board will favour Madge however if he does put his hand in the ring formally (may depend on results in Origin 1 - if NSW get towelled up he may be super keen).

Ryles is an unknown quantity. He has severed a great apprenticeship in great systems - but i'm yet to hear him speak, and when he spoke as a footy player he sounded dumb as dogshit. He appeared another Caylo style captain/player that led with actions rather than words, which traditionally doesnt translate well when you need to motivate a team as a coach. Ryles could be another Fitzy and really warm into the role, or he could be a Dean Pay that had ideas but just couldnt put them all together to be successful (albeit at a horrible club at the time).


First Grade
I’m not sure where this idea of Brad Arthur being too buddy buddy with a lot of the players is coming from. He chose to get rid of Nathan Peats to get the roster under the cap in 2016. He could have picked Fui for a farewell match when we had nothing to play for but didn’t. He dropped club stalwart Tim Mannah who ended up finishing his career in NSW cup. He got rid of Corey Norman. He got rid of Nathan Brown and forced him out of the club. He made Matterson and Paulo come off the bench even though they are senior players who recently played origin.
To say Arthur wasn’t capable of making the tough decisions doesn’t really match up with the data.


First Grade
Mannah said himself a week or so back that BA is best mates with the leading players at the club, and gives them preferential treatment, lower training loads etc. mannah said he couldn’t complain about it, as he was one of those players that did get treated differently to others in a positive light


Post Whore
I will say one thing about BA, he has left the club in a position where pretty much every genuine coaching option available is interested (even Bennett but we sat on our hands too long). I think it will be more of a choice of who we think is best rather than taking whoever will take the job. That’s something.

If we genuinely wanted Bennet the club had to go for it in the off season before other options where available to him.
They f**ked up.


Post Whore

‘I couldn’t be more ready’: Hannay opens up about Eels interest​

Josh Hannay has spoken about his interest in Parramatta, believing he “couldn’t be more ready” for a head coaching role after serving a long and varied apprenticeship.

The Eels are on the lookout for a replacement for Brad Arthur, who was sacked during the week after 11 years at the helm. Interim coach Trent Barrett was coy when asked during his pre-game press conference if he sought the role on a full-time basis, and the club has promised to conduct a global search for the right candidate.

Sources with knowledge of the situation who were not permitted to speak on the record said Hannay was one of the targets on a shortlist. His manager, Chris Orr - who also manages potential candidates Justin Holbrook, Jason Demetriou, Brian McDermott and John Morris - met with the Eels on Thursday.
“The job appeals,” Hannay told his masthead.

“I’ve purposely distanced myself from recent coaching vacancies because the job satisfaction I have here [as an assistant at Cronulla] and for the Maroons is enormous.
“I’m loath to walk away from that just for a different opportunity, but the Eels opportunity certainly appeals, that’s what I can say.

“When you look on and off the field, there’s a lot of good things happening.
“There’s a lot of potential for growth, there’s a lot of parts to that roster that excite. Off the field there’s an enormous fan base, it’s an enormously resourced club. These are all observations from a distance, but there’s a lot of things in my position that you look at on and off the field where you find it’s a pretty appealing and attractive job.”
The Eels sit in 14th spot and could be in danger of contending for the wooden spoon if they lose to the Rabbitohs on Saturday.

However, Hannay believes the Parramatta roster is in good shape.

“What stands out is the halves,” he said. “You look at [Dylan] Brown and [Mitchell] Moses, they are as good a halves combination as you could hope for stepping into that position.

“In and around that there’s some young talent with Blaize [Talagi], J’Maine Hopgood is on the fringes of Origin, some strong outside backs.

“From the outside looking in, there’s a lot of parts to that roster that do look appealing.”
Hannay has had stints as an interim head coach at the Sharks and the Cowboys, as well as traditional assistant roles, including currently being Billy Slater’s right-hand man for the Maroons.

Des Hasler had also earmarked Hannay as his successor at Manly, only for the premiership-winning coach to be sacked in favour of Anthony Seibold.

“The one thing Des did, and I would like to think Parramatta will be the same in their search for a coach, is Des did his homework,” he said.

“He spoke to people I had worked with and alongside to help him form that opinion; that opinion didn’t come from nowhere.

“I’d like to think Parramatta will go down a similar path with their search for a head coach.”
Hannay is contracted to the Sharks until the end of 2026, although head coach Craig Fitzgibbon wouldn’t stand in his way if a top job presented itself. Asked if he was ready to become a head coach, Hannay said: “Do you truly know if you’re ready until you sit in the chair?

“I feel like, given the path I have taken, I couldn’t be more ready. The big question would be, if Parramatta is interested, if they do their due diligence and homework, that question would be answered for them. They wouldn’t have to answer it.”

Meanwhile, Barrett said he was better for his previous experiences as a former Canterbury and Manly head coach.
“Plenty, certainly a hell of a lot from the previous jobs, and I’ve certainly learnt a lot since I’ve been here for the past 18 months,” Barrett said.
“There’s bits and pieces you pick up and things I would certainly do different. I’m excited about the challenge for the rest of the year.”

I really like what he had to say.

Hannay, or Cheika, for me.


I think 1 advantage for mine Hannay has over Ryles is that Hannay has already been in the hot seat on 2 different occasions in a caretaker role including the Sharks one was basically a full season Morris was punted in round 5.

Yes it was a caretaker role but it's added extras that as an assistant coach you don't realise you have to juggle being the main man.

For example fronting the media before and after every game. Having to manage egos and players mentally keeping then in right frame of mind.

It's alright being the nice cop as the assistant when your everyone's best buddy but when you leading the ship sometimes tough conversations have had to be had. Even in a temporary or interim role.

And I am sure Hannay would have had to drop players and have those discussions throughout the season where he may have learnt more from dealing with those situations now then when he did them as a caretaker.


Mannah said himself a week or so back that BA is best mates with the leading players at the club, and gives them preferential treatment, lower training loads etc. mannah said he couldn’t complain about it, as he was one of those players that did get treated differently to others in a positive light
Until he was frozen out.

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