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Eels Roosters game day thread


Post Whore
That just sums up our afternoon !!

It's not our day!!

Yep. Still only 30% of the footy and a single penalty. Four errors from 12 sets. Never gonna be in it with those stats no matter who you are. Pretty poor attitude to start the game and we were never in it from there


Lol every post tiger woody makes proves how shitty he is that Moses didn't sign with the Tigers. Funny thing is I agree with what he is saying about Moses's ability but he obviously doesn't believe it because he is cut up real bad about this

Ode to Tiger Woody

Poor tiger woody he's so sad
He's so sad cause the tigers are bad
His heart is broken because of Mitch
Tiger Woody always wanted to be his bitch
Teddy and woods will also leave
Tiger woody can't help but cry and grieve
But never fear someone's on the way
Josh Reynolds is coming to save the day
Matilino and maybe lolohea
But they won't want to do woody in the rear
So troll he will forever and more
Until Moses comes home and makes woody's ass sore
Once more


First Grade
Wow and that is a penalty. Wish I could blame the refs for the loss but they could help us and still not winning.