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Eels Roosters game day thread


We could have gone into halftime 14 or 16 to 4 but straight after we score we just made several more errors - which had nothing to do with the Roosters playing good!!

Stupid lose pass for a Roosters try and Moeroa who rarely offloads decides to attempt it with 3 defenders on him.

This is where Norman just lacks a bit of game management compared to the elite halves. After our first try he should have try the 5th tackle kick (rather then smith) and find touch to slow the ball down. Instead we give away a 7th tackle set and pretty much have 3-4 sets for the rest of the game.

Spot on.

We needed cool heads to weather the storm until half time instead we just show how mentally piss weak we still are as a football team.

Still not willing to do the hard yards when we're behind.

Poupou Escobar

Post Whore
We only beat up on shit teams, and even then we struggled with the Tigers. We have no hope against anyone who looks like being a top eight side. I'd say bring on 2018, but who am I kidding it's just going to be more of the same.
We've played five of the top eight sides and beaten three of them.


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Well this is fun to watch

Fun to read, that's for sure. Lol

Ambushed by a genuine top four side we haven't beaten at this ground in years. Lack of a quality kicking game has been very telling. Soft defence is going to have BA apoplectic at the break. But it's tough to compete with 33% of the footy and six complete sets for the half, simple as that...


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Arvaararrarra is going to be institutionalised after what they've done to him this arvo


Well that try had nothing to do with skewed possession...pretty ordinary defence there from three fringe players in RVarR, Smith and Alvaro.


That f**kwit we have that bashes women in the centres shouldn't play first grade again this season. He has been shocking.
The players have already written off this game, may as well rest Norman for the rest of the match if the forwards and outside backs are interested no point risking Norman for the rest of the game. Roosters will get to 60 here.

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