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Game Day v Stinking Stains

Mr Angry

Not a Referee
Blayke was very good. Will is our fullback.

Nicho obviously the man.

Nice call getting the Ferrari in the garage and testing, McInnes @9, Brailey @7. Might need it with 4 towards on the bench.

Stake Removed

First Grade
Lot to like tonight still some problems to sort.
Talakai in defence .
Moylan I don't know I think he suits the style of Nicho though.
Forward rotation still yes Nikora and Kaufisi, head knocks.
More minutes from Royce the better.
I would love to see Trindall come on after 20 ball playing lock, he pays uptempo, I think Nicho would even be more dangerous

Special K

The second half was not a contest. The first half was and we were physical and bashed them. Errors made sure but the damage was done then.

Everyone looks so different with Nicho and his relentless attacking game.

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