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Gold Coast Signings


First Grade
Another season of expectation approaches with the annual touting of a new coach and player development. Admittedly 2024 augers better than any of the Brennan/Holbrook iterations with Hasler being a coach who commands a level of respect from the players rather newbie coaches having to win hearts and minds. The roster has some depth about it and putting aside media speculation about the Brimson/Campbell/Kini conundrum the best 17 looks settled and competitive ... the Hasler factor will be an entertaining watch. At this early stage with 29 places filled the team could be:

1. Campbell, 2. Sami, 3. Brimson, 4. Kelly, 5. Khan-Periera, 6. Foran (Kieran), 7. Weaver, 8. Tino F, 9. Verrills, 10. Fotuaika, 11. Fermor, 12. Fifita (David), 13. Palasia, 14. Randall, 15. Jolliffe, 16. Liu, 17. Stimson.

Reserves: Kini, Fifita (Jojo), Schoupp, Boyd, Pahulu, Iszac F, Clark, Haas, Maumalo.