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Opinion Is Ricky Stuart the most overrated coach ever?


I like it. The NRL needs more of this type of honesty. Connor McGregor style build ups, post match banter off the chain and genuine grudge matches.

This is the kind of stuff that attracts the wider public audience attention

If Slater said this about Fittler or vice-versa in the build up to Origin it would have smashed all records.

Imagine if raiders make the finals and meet Panthers in week 2
The funniest part of this comment is the concept of Canberra making the finals


Ricky is completely out of line. He has brought the club and the game into disrepute. He should resign, and if he won’t, he should be sacked.

I love Ricky, one of the greatest Raiders of all time. But he has to go.
He's a narcissistic sook. Let's see if his media mates protect him here or if they write it off as just being 'passionate."


First Grade
To be fair to sticky, he had no other way to distract from his team’s shithouse performance.

Look at post-game coverage, it’s all about his comments and not the team being awful again.