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Jets 2023


I only caught the last 25 minutes or so, and had the wife incessantly in my ear so hard to get a good read.
But it seems to me:

Berrell - ordinary
Atkinson - likewise
Tracey - likewise
Puru- barely sighted

Stonestreet some handling issues, but looks a prospect.
Foxy’s man Fearnley looked promising.
Tuku could be just what we need, but is a way off yet.

The rest? As others said it became a mistake-a-thon so hard to tell.

Geez I'll tell ya what. He gets up just a little dusty every time he's tackled. He tall but not a lot of him yet. I can see him getting a run this year but can't see him nailing down a regular spot for a couple years.

He's gonna be a gooder, in time.

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