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John Sutton should be marked "Never to play SOO"


no player should ever have the papers stamped "never to play SOO".

Yes, Sutton is playing reasonably poor at 5/8, but put him in his better position of lock and he could turn out brilliant.

Its not like NSW are falling over themselves with backrow options

I would consider the backrow as the ONE position that NSW DO have depth!

seaeagle sam

He's a good player but not a 5/8. If you talk about him in terms of Blues 5/8 you might as well pick George Rose.


First Grade
He's a good player but not a 5/8. If you talk about him in terms of Blues 5/8 you might as well pick George Rose.
sutton is like pearce , will struggle against defensive teams and when it time to show something they both go missing.
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Forget Sutton... what about mong Lang last week comparing Sandow to Cliff Lyons. He must have been having a tug. Lyons was freakishly good, Sandow is freakishly inconsistent. I watched his first couple of plays that consisted of a poor kick and a hospital loopy belt the smack out of me pass. Pffft, Cliffy Lyons. Whatever chump.


First Grade
Most of his games my arse. People have been waiting for him to have a shocker so they can trot out the same old lines about him being incosistent and only turning up one week in four. Nothing he could possibly do would change these idiots opinions. Face the facts, you've made a judgement based on a sample of one game and your own agenda against the bloke. You've thrown in the "most of his games" bullsh*t to try and fake a considered opinion.


Sutton had his worst game in first grade, no doubt. Without him though, we deadset would've been lucky to have won 3 games this year.

Eels Dude

I tend to agree. Reminds me of Feleti Mateo. When he's great he's brilliant, but when he tries too hard he's terrible and ends up being a hinderance to the team. Put him back at lock so he doesn't have the added pressure of being a playmaker.
Any team who missed a trick by not signing Brett Finch is struggling big time, whatever happened to Eddie Paea lol

No pokies at Souths, dickhead.

How's Hayne travelling? :lol::lol:

Who said anything about pokies at Souths :?

We're up to round 21 and the myth has turned up for 3 games this year, I hope you can survive another fortnight on free soup.


Agree Sutton won't play origin at 5/8

Agree Sandow is 10 times worse than Sutton as a half

Agree Ennis should have his papers stamped

Carney is the blues 5/8 without doubt and as a queenslander i hope to f*ck they don't pick him but i believe he's probably already picked. When Locky retires i think he'll beat Cronk to the national jersey.