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Knock-on Effect NSW Cup - Eels Team


Tell you a quick story about jock... I had the privilege of watching him in under 16s final out at moree and I think he was only 15, even age groups out here so 15s play with 16s, 13s with 14s etc... Absolutely carved up... The year after I was coaching an 18s side in the group. Decent team but struggling with numbers... Came up against moree and jock runs out. To say he dominated as a 16yo against 18yos is an understatement. But after fulltime and a shower in an icy cold armidale dressing shed he walked into our sheds and shook everyones hand in there and thanked us for the game... Maturity and compassion as a 16yo was second to none
Great story. Thanks for sharing. 👍


Morretti 190mtrs. Again the standout. He needs to be promoted. Deserves his chance now.
With junz gone and maybe hoppa and matto and davey 11 days

13. Hopgood
12 carty
11 tony
10 emu
9 hodgo
8 joe

14 hands
15 maka
16 oggie
17 moretti

U probably would not have guessed that

the phantom menace

First Grade
If we lose Matto, Junior and Davey...

8. Wiremu
9. Hodgo
10. Maka
11. Carty
12. Doorey
13. Hopgood

14. Oggie
15. Hands
16. Offa
17. Moretti
Yep, Maka to start and Doorey would be first choice back rower given our outs.
And possibly Rodwell in the 17, who did good minutes in reggies this week.


Post Whore
I suspect Momoisea might sneak onto the nrl bench (or even start if doorey is still out) purely cos there is little else. Even if doorey starts, we probably need someone on the bench capable of covering an edge. .... we are aall middles and no edges atm