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Knock-on Effect NSW Cup - Eels Team


Wyong come up with an error during their set.

Wenty scrum 10m into Wyong's half.

Plays focuses down the left and Wenty eventually come up with a somewhat fortunate four pointer as Matterson's pass hits the ground but bounces up perfectly for Walker who crosses for his second meat pie.

Go Wyong


First Grade
Where’s the f**ken team list ffs

1Daejarn Asi
2Haze Dunster
3Isaac Lumelume
4Zac Cini
5Chris Tupou
6Jordan Rankin (c)
7Jake Arthur
8Luca Moretti
9Meni Luke
10Ky Rodwell
11Jirah Momoisea
12Dan Keir
13Jayden Yates
14Jock Brazel
15Jontay Junior Betham-Misa
16Tevita Taumopenu
17Niko Apelu


Brazel playing 2 games?
Tell you a quick story about jock... I had the privilege of watching him in under 16s final out at moree and I think he was only 15, even age groups out here so 15s play with 16s, 13s with 14s etc... Absolutely carved up... The year after I was coaching an 18s side in the group. Decent team but struggling with numbers... Came up against moree and jock runs out. To say he dominated as a 16yo against 18yos is an understatement. But after fulltime and a shower in an icy cold armidale dressing shed he walked into our sheds and shook everyones hand in there and thanked us for the game... Maturity and compassion as a 16yo was second to none

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