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Knock-on Effect NSW Cup - Eels Team


late offload from Harper sees Meni Luke burst through the line who then finds big bad Brock Parker for the meat pie. 36-8 10mins to go.
I like what I'm hearing from cup team lately..
I'm really interested in peoples thoughts on Lynn now that Sanders is off to Canbraaaa.
Also surely Wiremu must be close to a recall..
I firmly believe Wiremu, Moretti and Doorey help our first grade team immensely..they all bring something different and I would be getting them up and ready.
Guymer next after that


Post Whore
I decided to come out and see N.Sydney oval.
$35 to get in then $9.50 for a pie? What a joke realy. Quite embarrassing tbh.

As far as the game goes I think Doorey is the closest to a call up. I'd be suprised if he isn't next week.
Ethyn on the wing is electric but does have flaws. Hopeless under the high ball. Cini is a great runner but doesn't like to pass when an overlap is on. Ball hog. Nobody in the backline plays NRL. Martin due to his speed amd age is probably the one to perissit with though.

Sanders tore them apart. Lynn is a big half and look solid but not flash.
Boods was very good. I'd back him to be our hooker in 2025. He just needs to bulk up.

Grieg played goodnin his 2nd spell. Lots of offloads. I think he should move on to another club. He can play NRL.
Guymer looks solid. Real work horse.

And just based on physical size and build the no 19 W.Latu might be the one to keep am eye on.


More than likely our NRL season is dead and buried after today. Given the form of some in the 2s, will it be that some may be considered for promotion?
For me after round 15 is when you put the line through teams. If you aren't at least 12 points with 12 rounds to go with a possible 24 points then you're no chance... even being on 12 points if you were to win 9 of your last 12 games will have you finish on 30 points which should be enough to make the 8. Although we all know if you ain't top 4 you're making up the numbers

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