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Discussion in 'Parramatta Eels' started by PJ Marshal, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. PJ Marshal

    PJ Marshal Coach

    Sep 6, 2003
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    You all know what im talking about

    OMFG i only get to see the boys once all year and they put on that performance, they had the attacking flair as a schoolbus full of nuns and the defensive capabilities of the french army..........

    i feel sorry for all the poor peeps who travelled up from new south even you suity...... ;-)

    what would of been a shit day turned out pretty swell, because i met some swell peeps such as the backdoor bellster, mits, jesseel, hellchick, nikki, corey pearson, shocker, macca, rick moranus, noosaeel, twizzle and his lovely wife and of course my good mate the suitster who i left for dead at the caxton....he was bleeding so much that the whole floor was red and that was just from my entrance, when i layed into him well he went down quicker than a 2 dollar hooker


    nah mate suity your a champ and i love you <--------------> this much and getting drunk with you made my day!

    so to all youse i had the pleasure of meeting today thanks heaps for making a shit day super swell

    fo sheeezy ma neeeeeeezy

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