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Maguire Might Not Choose Teddy This Year

blue bags

First Grade
Pretty awful team but we didn’t have a lot of options with the injuries.

Suu’allii I find the strangest selection. He’s always been very overrated and is pissing off to yawnion. Thought the Fox deserved to be there after last game too.
It's part of his Rooster's contract
Blues selection
Very perplexing side they’ve named. We’ve got a few injuries so it shows a big lack of depth, but a lot of the big changes don’t fill me with much confidence.
Tedesco has been NSW worst player for the past few series.
2023 definitely, Queensland had him completely figured out, was a complete handbrake when we had the ball and offered little resistance when called upon defensively. His only positive was his donkey yardage, which is Edwards’ strength.

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