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Maroons team for the successful 2021 Origin series


Good luck Reece Walsh. Totally unfair they’ve thrown you to the wolves like this.
Good luck Gagai and Capewell the ball will be run at you two blokes all night. Try to forget how much your opposites f**ked you last time round.
Cant see us getting within 6 tries especially losing spark in Brimson and Grant.

League Unlimited News

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Statement: Jai Arrow
Michael Hillier
QRL Media
Tue 22 Jun 2021, 01:29 PM

Jai Arrow is currently being treated in hospital with a course of intravenous antibiotics.

Prior to joining the Queensland Maroons camp, Arrow was receiving oral antibiotics to treat an infection.

Team doctor Matt Hislop admitted Arrow to hospital to "get on top of it quickly”.

He is expected to be well enough to attend training on Thursday




Grant back in frame for game 3. Why do the benders keep doing this adversity shit?

I'm not a medical expert, but I must admit I would prefer to stick with Andrew McCullough. After game 1 I'm against selecting players under a injury clouds and potentially jeopardise their season's. Aj Brimson was selected but clearly wasn't right and had limited impact. I'm not suggesting Mccullough is not a world beater either, but I would prefer to select players that are healthy.

Big Pete

Disappointing from the Maroons, I thought they started with the right attitude but the attention to detail areas were lacking. Really poor of Feldt to have a loose carry and then for Holmes to throw it straight to Latrell. At 12-0 they just made it too easy for the Blues and they were able to coast to victory.

They didn't get dealt the best hand to be fair. Ponga has barely taken the field all year, Munster isn't 100% and losing both Grant and Mahoney hurt. Once again we're seeing the side effect of the Broncos, Titans and Cowboys struggling with a few of those reps letting the team down, or just failing to put their hand up for selection.

For Game III it will be a matter of hoping that a few players will be available and rewarding form. I can't see there being too many changes, I think they'll save that for next year.

blue bags

First Grade
cane toads crying now 🥱

those pests are very upset 🥶

bring on game 3 🐸

I read its been a while since last blues 3 nil win 🪳

bend over, pay back, get ready 😈


Holmes - Not a fullback.
Feldt - SOO career over.
Capewell - Not a centre but had a dig.
Gagai - Confidence down after being destroyed by Mitchell once again.
Coates - Needs to find some aggression.
Munster - Needs to pull his finger out. Clearly still not 100% fit.
DCE - garbage kicking game early.
Welch - didn't pressure Cleary enough.
McCullough - serviceable but lacking spark.
Papalii - strong but missing his usual impact.
Arrow - is Jai carrying an injury or has he gone soft since the Tedesco incident?
Kaufusi - SOO career going, going, gone. Made some poor decisions.
Fa'asuamaleaui - back to the bench for Tino as need more impact from him.
Hunt - QLD's best player on the night. Should have been there in Game 1.
Fotuaika - tried hard and keeps improving.
Fifita - a myth. Is he the new Dane Carlaw? C'mon Gordie fire him up!!!
Molo - a strong debut which should be enough to keep him there.
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I've seen calls for to dump Daly Cherry-Evans, but realistically who are you going to replace him with

Ben Hunt?
Jamal Fogarty?
Ash Taylor?
Anthony Milford?
Corey Norman?
Brodie Croft?
Sam Walker (Too young)

Hunt is the most viable option, but I still wouldn't do it. This was in comparison to Mitchell Pearce who was given a million chances by not only NSW selectors but even media commentators.

I concede Queensland's attack was clunky. But it wasn't just Cherry-Evans that struggled. The team look out of its depth. It's very hard to single handily drag your team out of the melee with that kind of pressure against you.