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Member Information Evening - May 16


Players not informed.
Feel a bit sorry for Hook.
Anyone to lose their jobs is not good.
No more excuses for these players.
Feel sorry for Hook,your kidding aren't you.
Hook is a narrow minded f**k up.
Tried to ruin a team completely. Hiring all his old Broncos mates plus Woods. What an absolute
Ignorant dummy.
So glad his been booted out the door.

Dragon David

First Grade
Sheensy is turning out like Hook. He has favourites and wants to keep Brooksy happy by re-signing him.

I agree that joint ventures have flaws and generally after 22 years or so, they haven't realised too much and haven't shown that they have any advantage. One premiership each after a couple of decades isn't good.

At this stage, there doesn't appear that these two joint ventures will ever be disbanded, so how should they then be administered to work better and be more successful?


Assistant Moderator
Ah, but we can get rid of the board. It's a long, long process though. Are we as fans taking the Dragons way out and not doing anything about the board because it's all too hard? Protests, member boycotts, merchandise boycotts, etc, etc. That sort of thing over long periods of time is what will eventually see the Gordon's sell up. Preferably St George Leagues should sell up too, we need one owner, or at the very least owners that are on the same page and want genuine success.
Selling St George Leagues would solve what exactly? It has taken some decades but we're finally seeing the beginnings of some changes there.

Selling the farm is not the answer. Currently, St George LC is the only avenue available where fans can still vote as members.

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