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Nico Ledger.

sladden road

Just incase there is doubt of my love for the Nico.
Bumped my prayer to him.

Forum fishing is all shits and giggles.

sladden road

All knell …and pray.

Dearest Nico,

May I stay in the day.
Relive me of my worship of lesser teams.
May I strive to be a man like you.
Resplendent in the morning sun in my budgies on-the beach.
May the light of the never ending steeden bless our souls with two points from the side line .
May the Preston Medal shine its light across all who play, and don’t play.
Let the Daly M guide me to the promised land and not be a heathen as Munster at the door.

May the turf on the halls of eternal superiority over lesser teams teach me humility, as it has you Nico.

May I know that even though I am mortal, l am one with you.

The highest of high.
The smuggler of the budgie.

Well there.
I would have a former sharks half have a chat to Nicho, Tommy Bishop to explain to him he needs to have hate for everyone we play.
An example when we play eagles last round Nicho needs to hit DCE with a shot and stand over him, it's his mate, but sharks need to come first and he needs to get the hate in him

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