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Non Footy Chat Thread II

I was approached by the CIA to contribute to the genetic gene project of the future.

The swimmers would be frozen and sent into space to colonise a new west tigers planet complete with a religion founded on brooksy, the half who cannot be sacked.

But the Australia post got it all wrong.

Otherwise, it was an especially gross, perverted and disgusting act and I hope the sicko is caught and punished.

There should be a number of clues apart from dna. Twiz is right, it’s a good dna source if the perpetrator is on the system. They can interview suspects and give them a cup of coffee and swab it etc.

Work out the brand of the envelopes, try to source the stamps. Handwriting, It’s an interesting challenge.
you must know Casper

There’s going to be a trail.

The offender has made the connection on purpose.

They are sent to the ladies houses. I suspect the targets have been searched for on the web. You can’t delete searches.

I’d join the NSW Police force but i don’t take to tasering 95 year olds.
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I've heard of lizard people, but ... Yikes !


When you are swimming in the ocean, you can easily get hooked by one and dragged under.

Distant relatives of jfh.


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When you are swimming in the ocean, you can easily get hooked by one and dragged under.

Distant relatives of jfh.
Name that song:

Free invite to the prince of Smug,@soc123_au

“Money for nothing and your bald for free”

“Hit with your big bald head, hit me, hit me”

“Me and Mrs Price, we’ve got a thing goin on”

“ I beg your pardon, I didn’t promise you a spine darling”

“You don’t get me I’m part of the rah rah”

“Cum on feel the bald, girls rock your boys”

And my current trance car song

“ don’t you think you’re better off abald”

Ps: One of my cars broke down today, check out the speed of the nrma these days:


8 minutes from Maroubra to Haymarket, lol I thought he was going to turn up in a helicopter.

Still, if I’m stranded, I like the effort.

Wouldn’t see hindy rushing to a job.
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