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And Gus made the comment that there have been nil applications for The Dogs job nor is he seeking any. He then added that the club is still getting over The Former Head Coach's resignation. Ffs Gus.
I wouldn't believe a word Gus says he is a compulsive liar. The Dogs and Gus know he can't be seen as having sacked another coach. So they have trotted out the Barrett quit story.

What club or company pays a bloke 500k if he just quits on the spot. Unless he was pushed.


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Set him free. Let him sign with the Roosters.

Release Angus to the Eels.

big bang a teoria GIF


Maybe Trent was tired and needed a rest ..... he may have insomnia

Have you ever had insomnia? I had it not long ago. Unsure if I mentioned it on here but I was only getting 4hrs sleep a night. I'm built powerfull and low to the ground so I survived like a cockroach. People like yourself could spiral into the zombie world if caught it.
Wear face masks people. I caught mine on the train on the way to Kings cross

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