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NRL 360 + other footy shows


Post Whore
The old "my wife is watching it in the other room" 😉😉😉

How do people know how shit it is if they never watch it?

Mik used to put shit on me for watching Neighbours. Then one daynI got to his early amd he was gas bagging with his wife about home and away.


Post Whore
I’m just sad no one last night mentioned the serve that bald muppet Hooper copped from
Bennett in the presser. It was classic Clint Eastwood.

Gary Gutful

Post Whore
Got on his high horse about the report that he wasn’t in Cairns for the trial match. He’s been doing it for years. It’s his way of developing his coaching staff.

I had the Dolphins coming last. That was a f**k up.