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NRL Rd 14 2024 - General Non-Warriors Thread


It was so typical of Parramatta not to go the full eighty. Gee, and the fans are out for Canterbury!

22-18, Bulldogs. Final.

Rd 14 Ladder:


We jumped over Manly by a point on the f/a! Imagine qualifying for the finals like that. One field-goal, over an entire season. We've won six, lost six, which is 50%. On a cold, hard look that's disappointing but the last few weeks have put us on a high.

The Cowboys? I don't think they'll move on Payten while he's a couple of wins away from fifth or sixth. But he needs to move, and fast.

The Broncos would've expected better than eighth. There's so much more analysis but I'm off to bed.
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I'm loving the Bulldogs this year. Clearly improved the culture. Amazing what Crichton has bought to the team as a whole. What a player!

There are also some very good juniors coming through as well. Great to see them doing so well.