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Geno's always been one of my favourites, I'll have to chase that one down and watch.
It’s all stuff out of the kings book

start with his career at the brl, to the start of the broncos to his time as a qld selector

I dunno if they’ve done the king but they need too

miles was a lot more generous to the qrl than the king was
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Such a great, under-rated, modest player was Gene Miles.

Saw him come to UK as a kid on 82 Roos tour and he was 4th choice centre behind Rogers, Meninga and Ella (and probably only toured cos Cronin declined) but you could see his class in midweek games with Emus.

Four years later he was just awesome alongside Brett Kenny in the centres with Lewis at five eighth and Meninga even playing second-row. Then, he killed it alongside Martin Offiah for a year at Wigan in 92 - Offiah signed mid season and played only 16 games, Geno sent him in for 30 tries !

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