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NRLW - 2023

So sad for the channel 9 commentary who are obsessed with the Roosters and all their overrated players. Millie Boyle & Kelly were extremely disappointing. Uncle Nick will need to raid half the Titans for next season.
Both were carrying injuries - Millie Boyle requires shoulder surgery and Kelly had a hamstring strain.

Not overrated at all when you consider the players missing and players injured during that game.
The pertinent question this year is whether overall standards have fallen due to the expansion of the comp. I don't believe they have. Games inevitably vary in quality whether the comp consists of 4, 6, or 10 teams.

Moreover, we should reflect on how to define standards and for whom. What coaches and officials want to see is not necessarily what fans and viewers want to see. Should NRLW aim to imitate NRL as closely as possible? Is that really the best way to grow the audience?

A game with high completion rates can be turgid to watch. I don't mind errors (within reason) if it means teams are trying to do more with the ball.

I expressed a pragmatic view on another thread that the comp shouldn't expand again for an indefinite period. But what about the Warriors?
I think under the CBA no new teams can be added to after 2025 although the NRL have sounded out NRL teams without NRLW sides for their interest in entering teams

The Warriors would be top of the list for inclusion and one from left field - Melbourne Storm who have entered into a pathways agreement with North Sydney Bears who have Women's teams -Tarsha Gale Cup and HNWP - Next year also an under 17's Lisa Fiaolo Cup side as well.

The NRL have an obsession of outdoing the AFL so a Melbourne Storm Women's side would be on the agenda.

Other teams such as the Bulldogs, Souths and Penrith want in ASAP.

They need to improve the pathways and adding an under 17's comp is a good move - not sure if they will have an under 21's as well?

Looks likely that the HNWP will run alongside the NRLW comp in 2024 so how that works we have to wait and see.

Obviously the goal is to have a full time professional comp so funding will need to increase and of course players wages along with it.


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Warriors definitely need to be included sooner rather than later. Strategically it is important for the game to grow its presence in New Zealand as much as possible and unlike a lot of other markets, you could easily create a competitive team from Auckland without taking players from any of this year's teams.

It wouldn't be the worse idea in the world for the NRL to consider going to an odd-number of teams to accomodate them either. Whilst fans don't like them because it means their team isn't playing, there are benefits to them from a player welfare and giving the perception of a competitive competition.

If they want to expand in twos, I'd say Melbourne and Redcliffe should be the only franchises in contention. Adding another Sydney club doesn't help grow the competition from a reach perspective and arguably draws upon the same systems which are already supporting the Tigers, Eels, Roosters, Dragons and Sharks.

Redcliffe at least has the Sunshine Coast it can tap into to help under pin its side, Melbourne helps the NRLW become more National and maybe we can steal some players from the Rebel's Super W side.

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Both were carrying injuries - Millie Boyle requires shoulder surgery and Kelly had a hamstring strain.

Not overrated at all when you consider the players missing and players injured during that game.
They were both picked to play, in a game which they thought would be a pushover. So maybe underestimated, or badly coached.
Wishing Amelia Pasikala a speedy recovery after that dreadful tackle @marshall stalin
A bad one for sure as Amelia was playing well and has had a very good season in her debut season in the Senior Women's ranks.

The NRL Physio was saying a 3 to 5 recovery period - possible more depending on what damage was done to ligaments etc.

No word though on the Women's NSW Premiership if it will be run the same time as the NRLW Comp and be a reserve grade comp like the Men's NSW Cup.

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