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NZ wins World Championship of Cricket


Ajaz is actually a very good spinner, terribly underrated and they have this fetish for Santner which is the real problem, fine white ball bowler, horrible test bowler
Santner is an absolutely terrible first class player, doesnt even have a single 5-for.


First Grade
Coaches RCB in the IPL and is a talking head for Sky, does a weekly show with Ian Smith
Bask in the glory over there, mate. Here in Oz the media didn't want to know.

However, I did have a cathartic time listening to ABC Grandstand before I went to sleep the other night. It was the lunch break in England, on the great, final day, and the English commentary had Coney, McMillan, Nichols and Waddle talking about how they've dealt with that other memorable day in 2019.

They've all sort of not moved on! But it was awesome listening to them.


Have a read of the Jarrod Kimber feature on cricinfo about the team and it’s evolution. It’s a bloody good read and puts everything in context from year dot.