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So how did we fair, Cobbo got a hip problem, Flegler got reported, did I miss anyone.


First Grade
Someone needs to ask Fittler wtf was the plan to bring Nicho on to begin with? If hooker, then why not pick cook? Tedesco was shit, Cleary is so shit at origin, way too many Penrith players, but Hynes will cop it and be punted for his ordinary 15 minutes out of position.
The merkin doesn't have a clue.
Cleary was ordinary. Thought To,o was strong ,and much as I hate to say it Lui was passionate and gave it his all. Chricton good but Latrell would have been better. Liam Martin , best player on field . He is a farkin Machine ! Nicho was just thrown to the wolves ,Cannon fodder,
Half or Fullback probably best but even Hooker would have been better than centre in that situation He should refuse to play under A.Doll Fittler. Retire from Sof O, Win Premiership with Sharks Get picked for Australia and make freddy look like a fool.


Their attack was just woeful in the first half. Terrible shapes and yet Johns said they trained strongly. All I could see were players hamming it up and laughing the whole time. Wankers


When Turbo goes off failed HIA, Flegler gets binned, which means 18th man can be activated.
We had a player selected at centre for NSW last year as 18th man. He should have gone to centre, not Nicho.
Cleary was gash, whoever made the Townsend comparison was spot on. Clearly actually looked scared to run the ball.
Liam Martin was terrific. Only Blues player to hit hard in both attack and defence.
Haas was soft, look for him to kill the Sharks this weekend no doubt
Well Yes and no. Suspect that way he was used by freddy wasn't best Either .I kept looking for him to be set up for a good crash play on the line that even if it didn't lead to a try would have skittled their defence . and hopefully led to a try or easy kick through to get another set next play... .. Never happened . Sadly second part of your post .... :( Doesnt bode well for sharks .

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