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OT: Association Football, MK3


Post Whore
For the most actively participated sport, just having the same players churning out is obviously a structural issue.
Covid is part of the problem and FFA Cup was step in right direction but there’s such a big disconnect between A-League, lower tiers and youth comps.
I can vouch for that.
Young Suit has been through this system. Has been to a weeks coaching in Shanghai for a Stoke City development camp. He has the talent.
I've put him through many years of academies, all of which has cost me thousands. THOUSANDS!!!

Yet, It hasn't just been the money, but it is the politics.
Young Suit could never break into NPL teams because it was all about who you knew and the connections. And, dare I say it, the big, big $$$

So, in the end, better kids missed out on progression. There were even better players than young Suit, from African countries for example, that could hardly afford to buy their own kid's boots. They didn't even get a look in at NPL trials, because they just couldn't afford to pay the fees to play. It was so sad to see.

I remember one morning when I was managing young Suit's team (Under 15-1's), a kid of Somalian descent turned up and had forgotten to bring his socks. The ref wouldn't let him play without the correct socks, so I went to the canteen and bought him a pair. He won the game for us that day. He was seriously a cracking player, yet never even got a chance or was even noticed at NPL trial. Why? Because they had already selected their team. The trials were a waste of time.

The system is so broke, it ain't funny, and the amount of football talent being lost is why Australian Football is such a basket case at the moment.

Mark Bosnich is on the money.


First Grade
Why follow Smeltic when you can follow Hibs? Lots of Oz connections too. Martin Boyle, Jamie McLaren & Mark Milligan are all recent examples. You know it makes sense...
Like @Gary Gutful I'm the offspring of immigrants more Irish than Guinness or the Blarney Stone and it was a fait accompli that there'd always be a place in my heart for the hoops.... Go Ange, Go the Bhoys!!!


Post Whore
Bosnich is very passionate about football. He gets a few people off-side due to his outspoken opinions, but that is a small minority of people. He generally makes a lot of sense.
He is also a strong advocate for fans in general and active support in particular. He particularly got stuck into David Gallop over his limp response to the appalling Rebecca Wilson claims many years ago. He himself arranged a meeting between all the teams active capo's to come together (unheard of) and meet with the FFA and Gallop. The Wanderers Capo was a lawyer, and guess what? The fans won most of the concessions they were after. This was all arranged by Bosnich. He is a champion bloke.
Simon Hill (probably the best commentator in any sport in this country imo) is also a strong supporter and advocate for football and the fans in particular.

He was a phenomenal keeper, too.

I recall a game between Real Madrid, and Manchester United, many years ago - Bosnich, and Casillas, were the keepers that day, and what a phenomenal performance they each put up.

Poupou Escobar

Post Whore
Lack of atmosphere? I dunno. There's about as much atmosphere as when I watch at home but without the kids demanding I f**k off to watch it on my computer.


It runs much deeper than that.
The A league is dead. Reminds me of the final years of the NSL when our club lost a shit load of money with Parramatta Power. There is just not enough money for it here in Australia and the market is narrow. maybe we should do something radical like join join with the J, K or the Malaysian Leagues because eventually this will just fall in a heap.

Still no pedigree any any of the teams. People are more excited when APIA or Marconi go deep into the FFA Cup than some manufactured rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne. I think it peaked when Berisha was the villian and Ninković was at his peak when he won Sydney the GF a few years ago from that penalty shoot out but since then it's had a slow death.

I don't think anyone has the answer and simply throwing more money in it is not the solution because the quality of players just isn't there anymore.


Post Whore
What’s this about ? Why are they pissed at the Chairman ?

I'll tell you why.
The chairman, the sausage maker and majority owner Paul Lederer of Primo fame, has overseen the demise of the Wanderers since he took ownership 8 years ago in 2014, when his mate Frank Lowy sold the Wanderers to him and a few of his mates, including Mr Pirtek.
It has been a downhill slide ever since. The fans have had enough.
When the FFA set up the club in 2012 after the demise of Gold Coast United, and brought in Lisle Gorman as CEO, the Wanderers went from nothing to juggernauts in a season. They had 5000 members when they started, and had 20 000 members within 2 seasons. They had plenty of sell out games at Pirtek, and were the impetus along with the Eels to get the stadium upgraded.

Since the new ownership took control, they rode on the tails of our initial success, and a season later, the Wanderers were the champions of Asia - an unheard of and unbelievable achievement.

Yet, since then, or more precisely, since 2016 and since Popovic left, it has been all downhill.
John Tsatsimas has been in charge as CEO. Not once since 2016 have the Wanderers made the 6 team final series. The first 4 years was when there were only 10 teams in the comp ffs. The past 2 seasons there has only been 12 teams.
It has been diabolical. 6 managers in 6 years. A cleanout of players every season, yet, Tsatsimas still remains in his job, and Lederer overseas this debacle.

That's why.

That is why people are pissed, and that is why that dude posted that video.
There are so many other issues I could discuss, but I thought I'd just give you a brief rundown.
Tsatsimas is the Fitzgerald of the Wanderers. He needs to be f**ked off and Lederer needs to take the club and its success seriously.

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