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Penrith from everyone’s second favourite club in 2003 to absolute hated club in 2021:

Perth Red

Post Whore
Sign of the times, young team full of brashness without the old hard heads in the opposition who would knock it out of them. Get used to it, its what every team will be like in years to come as we continue to soften the game.

Panthers just have more of them at one time but all clubs have their ego players. I've been very disappointed in Munster, thought he might have stepped up to become the clubs next captain but he shows all the cockiness of the Panthers players and his latest 'stunt' shows his level of immaturity and stupidity. Such is NRL life.


That goes a long way toward it I reckon. The mannerisms of players - especially when winning.

I can’t find anything to like about Luai. Respect his ability - yeah I do. There’s no one else in the panthers side who is truly despisable for mine, but he is. And that carries itself into the view on the team as a whole.

Some people may call it confidence, youthful exuberance… others like me simply see a twat.

We will see if this twat helps his team win a comp on the weekend and earn some respect for what he does on the field, as opposed to the way he loses it for the way he carries on..

I would think, Living at home with a young family of his own in the hope to build a better life for his parents is something to like. I guess not


What makes them cocky or arrogant? Because Crichton patted a bloke on the head 9 months ago?

Personally I think it's f**king great that players want to play for the club, their teammates and their area. It's great to have some sort of tribalism in the game again.

This 1000%. I'd rather this lot that love the area then full of discards, Who are just here for the pay check

10$ Ferret

Staff member
Do you notice the real workers , Yeo and JFH for example don't carry on. they are fantastic players I enjoy watching. I just don't see them whinging, diving or carrying on like giggling little girls.
Sure I can understand the love, but show some respect win, lose or draw


First Grade
Anyway, to provide something to the thread, if you're coming to LU for anything other than entertainment then you're doing it wrong. And it's more entertaining to have half the forum frothing about you. As Panthers fans we should just enjoy the ride and play it cool rather than getting butthurt about what neutral fans think of us.

Then when we win we can be all...

There is only a couple of Penrith fans on here that don’t get butthurt. That’s why you guys are easy marks.


First Grade
Penrith just celebrate like lunatics and it get under people’s skin
You should try watching the NFL , every play seems to have some sort of minor celebration and carry on
Agreed the Media could jump off Nathan’s pole but the kid is a great player just not the second coming like some commentators make him out to be
Luai seems fine , plays tough and is exactly the player most teams hate playing against
To say Brian T’oo is anything but a champion bloke you are kidding yourself
The rest are fairly harmless … pornos aside haha

south’s have some rippers in Latrell and Walker but if they were all like Turbo in terms of personality we may as well be simulating games of PlayStation

fine with Penrith winning , been consistently good for the last two years
Fine with south’s winning as well as heaps of mates go for them

just like to see a good game not f**ked by the refs

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