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Rd14 2023: Non Parra games


First Grade
Moses has to be next in-line.

Hynes does not have a decent kicking game, and never does Luai. They just can’t pair them together.

the phantom menace

First Grade
I think Freddy will go for Reynolds. Needs some mongrel in the side in game two.

6. Luai
7. Reynolds
9. Api
14. Cook
18. Hynes?

Moses free to play for us...


First Grade
6. Hynes
7. Moses

though i hope Freddy goes Luai/Hynes as Qld will win by 50
We dont need Moses playing origin

Last time he played

He got a cheap shot from Kausfusi and injured his back and we went on a 4 game losing streak cost us a top 4 spot.

Reynolds is playing better anyway he won't be overawed by the situation. Suncorp is his home track take the crowd of it he should know every inch of grass. It's not like he is a horrific defender.


The band that lost 4 straight prelims?
Yeah, sure, why not.... What do I care? I'm over Origin and all the BS that goes with it. I don't want any Parra players selected and missing games and then risking injury. So pick Reynolds, Luai, Walker, Cook, I don't care.... just keep Parra players out of it if possible....

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