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Rd24: Parra v Melbourne GAME DAY THREAD @ Suncorp 28/8/21

Gary Gutful

Well he did say about 8 years ago his team would never get another thrashing. He also said we'd never get another wooden spoon. I reckon his daughter wont get her dog either if we win the comp. Are all folically challenged men this untrustworthy?
Do you also remember what he had for breakfast 8 years ago?



During lockdown i was getting bored so looked at some more stats.

The last time Melbourne beat Parramatta when Cameron Smith wasn't in the storm lineup for the clash between the two teams was 2006.

Since round 14,2006 which Melbourne won against Parramatta that cameron missed through origin duty.

The last 7 times Parramatta have played Melbourne without Cameron Smith in the lineup Parramatta have won all 7.

Rd 24,2021
Rd 2,2021
Rd 15,2020
Rd 18,2017
Rd 15,2015
Rd 19,2009
Rd 16,2008

So Melbourne cant beat us without Scam.

He only lost to us 3 times in his career from 22 matches.

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