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RIP John Sattler


First Grade
It's a sobering thought that I had a private lunch with Satts, Chang and Mungo at Fisherman's Wharf on the Southport Broadwater many years ago, plotting rugby league on the Goldie. They are all testimony to the cliche that the good die too young (except perhaps Chang) ... vale John Sattler, a true gentleman.


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Before this all gets lost in wash just thought I'd put down in writing what a special night it was out there on Saturday. I applaud everything the club did to celebrate Sattler's life, especially as a Rabbitoh.

Also, special mention to the Manly club and fans for how they carried themselves - full of class and they did their club proud.

Not a murmur anywhere in a full minute's silence.

Favourite moment was in amongst the full-time celebrations, the crowd was going nuts, and they played John singing the victory song over the loudspeaker. To a man and woman the crowd went silent and just listened. It was goose-bump stuff.

Well done to all involved.

P.S. I want that jersey (minus the torn Rabbit) to be our full-time home jersey.

Desert Qlder

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