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Round 4 vs the eels


Post Whore
I'm not BIG in BA. But all he did was activate a clause in his contract.
Also I think even if he failed this season they'd still of let him see out 2024. If he fails both season even under contract he will be sacked anyhows.


Brad Arthur should get a life time contract and a statue outside the ground lol
A serious statue should be of Jack Gibson in his famous brown jacket, most folk always look at the players, but he was a legendary coach


Post Whore
Hopgood does come with flaws. Misses tackles.
Bryce is playing well. Parra have no nuts. No grit and dont want tonplay tough. But Manly are a worry. Up 14 nil and full strength. Parra had 2 of best forwards out, will be purchasing another soon and a winger ( Russel to come in)
They where handed 2 x tries from Simmonsons tap back and Hopgoods intercept. And Shcusters kick to Turbo was just arsy.
On the flip side RCG scores off a great pass called forward and Penisini muffs a sitter.
Don't get me wrong Parra where rubbish but
Manly have no defense.

You probably get the chance to end our season.
0-4 is almost curtains.


Cleary and Luai dont look to be recovering from any injuries this week, they are out golfing and running around player laser tag in kiama so I think they are fine.

Parra will be desperate but they are leaking a lot of points atm and they wont be gifted tries from our defence. I like what the club has done with this bye week going away on a little camp hopefully it helps us find a bit more attacking rhythm
agree 100%, they will come out firing, in saying that our first two rounds weren't the best either, attack clunky but on the positive defense has been pretty good except for maybe 5-10 mins


What, to repeat the GF flogging ?
I think the 'riff would have hoped for some sort of opposition and resistance.
I see your boys are having another tough day at the office

must be deflating after paying overs for bateman , papali’i and klemmer and still looking like it’s gonna be back2back spoons

api been pretty disappointing as well