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Rumoured & Confirmed Signings - Part 5

38 tackles in your first 80 minutes of NRL then getting ironed out from a hospital pass, I wouldn't be firing any shots outside of a healthy boot either. He laid a few shots on in there, plenty to like from his defensive performance and that's our priority in a 5/8. I'd love to see how he'd go with Cleary running the show rather than Luai.
If that's the case start him in centre, so the load isn't that high. Brad would be great with Nathan, Laurie too. Centre needs fixing


That was Gong Panther just having a stab at finding an excuse. Cole getting ironed 30 seconds before he puked would be the reason, not a dodgy kebab on Caxton St.

I heard the same thing at NSW Cup. When I asked about Laurie that was the answer I was given

Roosters rule

@Roosters rule How confident are you that your team will be able to keep Angus after this?

We have been practically encouraging him out of the club since the start of the year. Now the u-turn is in place. The club has been mollifying him the past few days.
He will play the game and go to market. I think we get a deal done anyway.
Length would be the only sticking point.

Original Name

What about this Taloue kid? Interesting he was picked as 19th man. He is obviously impressing.
He's got a very good short range passing. Joey Johns for example will love him and the way he ball plays not reliant on block shapes. He's very deceptive so some of the stuff he does around that is pretty impressive. He's a bit slow though for a mid 20's half in his physical prime. Faster than say Hastings but not a lot of other halves in the comp. Came from Melbourne was their u/20's player of the year but couldn't get contract and was playing for St Marys before making his way into the reserve grade team.

I don't think his long range passing is a big weakness but it's not outstanding as a ball playing half like say Walker's is. A bit of deceptive strength from what I've seen but he's not physical beast for a half or anything so he'll need to be really reliant on his ball playing and kicking in regards to creating points. I just hope he carries a chip on his shoulder from no one giving him a shot, having to play semi pro footy for awhile.


Is reporting there is a video of a nrl player with a white substance doing the round he expects it to explode any time soon.please not a penrith player this would nail our season out completely

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