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He was one of the few having a crack, you could probably argue he tried too hard. I honestly never saw the big wrap in him and with the new rules it honestly looks like the game has past him by. 800k lol.
Based on some of the salaries quoted for various players how can Broncos be anywhere near the cap?


Post Whore
They have lost Fifita, Boyd, Bird and Ofahengue. Now maybe Lodge. All on big coin. I'd say they are easily under.
Faftita was hardly on huge coin, and all those players they
Let go they would have to pay something to get rid of them. And they also had to replace them.

McCulloch is also back, on 600k lol plus Turdpen got upgraded to 400k. They are paying 1m on dummy half alone.


First Grade
Would be the best option for us. Specialist left side centre. Apparently he wants $700k a year.
That's a bit steep for a bloke with 1 year of 1st grade under his belt. But if reproduces something similar in 2021, and plays Origin (and plays well) then yes I could see him getting that money from somewhere. I don't know if I'd like it to be us though. I'd go as high as 500K but anything north of that is risky IMO

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