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I'm also going to top Waqa to have a big season.
He copped it on here but his back half of the season was excellent. Defense and attack. People forget how good he can be. We may have the best centre pairing in the NRL.

JA development will also be interesting. It is easy to rubbish his poor performances but he is a work in progress and still very young. Just wasn't ready for nrl. But he still showed a few good signs.
His big asset appears to be his composure under pressure. Keeps a calm head and as you say Hindy is a work in progress but has a good base to work from. May never be the best half but would be in top 8 imo once matures. Its exciting.
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I just had the impression once we signed Rein,Hands and the kids from knights we had already started some sort of succession plan.
They obviously don't rate Rein high enough or wouldn't of went for Hodgson. I'd say they see Hands and the Knights kid as potential but nothing more at this stage. If either did come good they'll share a role with Hodgson and take over once he is done.
The worry is his age. But if we get two injury free seasons he will do a good job. I don't think he will be a top 3 hooker in comp. But he certainly can be in the top 8.
There could be parallels drawn here with an ageing Michael Ennis joining the Sharks and having a huge impact on their winning the premiership in 2016. Maybe 2023 is to be our year?


Well last time I looked, we have 28 players in the top 30 plus Ogden's manager went on Instagram claiming that he will be with the eels in 2022.

Do teams have 3 hookers in their top 30 ? Is it likely that Hands will be given the last spot ? We have 3 players on development contracts. Maybe he'll be our 4th as I note that other teams have 4.
He looks like he plays 6 as well. We don't have many halves in the top 30.just ja besides moses and dyl


that it was Gutho and not his grubby manager that was pushing his negotiations through the media

Or the media just played it themself. Joined some dots and made a few assumptions on the way.
Guth hadn't signed and they knew that Parra where in negotiations. They need stories.
Guth is a media favourite and so is Parra. Any news on them where sure to get attention.

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